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Project Description


Blob.Net is a library and a set of tools that allows you to develop focusing on the Domain Model and all the while, forgetting about the data source.

The main goal is to handle binary large objects without running out of memory, but it can be used as an ORM but hidding the Data Access layer definition and implementation.

At the moment many features are only planned, and the project needs developers to join. 

Blob.Net is meant to be Transactional, Distributed, fully OO, easy to use and with good performance. With Built-in extensible data providers(db engines and key value stores), Visual studio designers, code and data migration tools and dataview generators.

Application usage samples are also planned before v1.0.

Contributors are welcome. Developers, tools & add-on developers, code sample devevelopers, testers, document writters as well as logo designers and web site developers. Any contributions or ideas to make Blob.Net sucessful are seriously welcomed.

Join the project, it´s just starting!!!

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